Pergola Kit: How to Build A Budget Pergola Kit

Pergola Kit: How to Build A Budget Pergola Kit

If you are the family handyman, who adorned your backyard with a beautiful pergola for family gatherings and somber affairs, what you need to a pergola kit to ease up your work for you.

This blog tells you everything you need to know about pergola kits. We'll tell you what pergola kits exist and whether DIY is an option. We'll also cover how much pergola kits cost and what materials you should use if doing it yourself.

What is a Pergola Kit?

Pergola kits are a pre-manufactured collection of materials and hardware to assemble a pergola. These kits typically come with wood or other materials for the frame of the structure, any necessary construction gear, and assembly and safety instructions.

Some pergola kits also come with accessories such as lattice panels and retractable canopies. They are accessible in wood, vinyl, or metal and are intended for easy access during DIY installation.

Types of Pergola Kits

There are many eclectic types of pergolas kits that you can assemble as per your needs. However, the ultimate choice has to be the one that is feasible, economical, and lines up with your objectives. Some common types of pergolas kits that are popular are:

Wood Pergola Kit

There are two main types of cedar pergola kits: the traditional style and the A-frame style. The traditional style is made from two main pieces of lumber attached at the top and the bottom.

The A-frame style is made from one main piece of lumber connected to side supports. Both kits require basic tools, materials, and various wood types, such as screws, nails, and brackets.

However, they can be built in a few hours, making them a great option if you want something quick and easy to construct.

Metal Pergola Kit

Metal pergola kits are pre-fabricated structures that allow easy assembly for your patio structure. These kits can be availed in aluminum, vinyl, and composite material due to their attested durability, rot resistance, UV rays protection, and moderate maintenance requirements. As a result, aluminum pergola kits are substantially popular.

Vinyl Pergola Kit

A pergola kit is a prefabricated version of pergola. Vinyl pergola kits are manufactured from vinyl material. Due to its sturdiness, maintenance-free, and corrosion resilience, vinyl is often used in outdoor structures. They are also resistant to rot, mold, and mildew, which can concern pergolas made of wood.

Fiberglass Pergola Kit

Because of their strength and resilience, fiberglass pergolas are known for withstanding exposure to the sun, rain, and other elements without displaying signs of wear or damage.

Fiberglass pergolas also offer the benefit of having a smooth surface that is simple to clean with water and soap. Along with being resistant to insect infestation, they are also resistant to fading, chalking, and discoloration—even in direct sunshine.

Custom Pergola Kit

A pergola kit is a great option for creating a unique and personalized pergola. The pergola kit includes all the materials you need to build a pergola, including lumber, screws, nails, and railing.

You can choose the size and design of your pergola, and the kit will include instructions. In addition, you can customize your pergola with various amenities and accessories to make it more functional and visually appealing.

What's included in the Pergola Kit?

The specific tools that will be packed in your DIY pergola kits will be a question of the brand, pricing, and material you elect. However, some baseline attachments that are essential for standard designs and will be a staple in your DIY pergola kit are:


The posts included with a pergola kit are an essential framework component that supports the pergola's beams, rafters, and other structural elements.

Posts are pre-cut and pre-drilled and often produced from various materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. You might have to paint wooden posts to protect them against rot and infestation.


The horizontal structural components known as beams that are included in pergola kits support the roof and rafters of the structure by running parallel to one another.

Beams are often delivered pre-cut and pre-drilled, and hardware is used to attach them to the posts. They can be created from various materials and come in various sizes and patterns.


The structural components of a pergola that run parallel to the beams and sustain the roof's weight are called rafters. The rafters in a pergola kit are normally pre-cut and pre-drilled and are prepared for assembly and mounting on the pergola's beams.

Rafters can also be utilized to add aesthetic elements, like lattice or cross beams, and they aid in defining the overall shape and design of the pergola.

Brackets and hardware

The function of brackets, typically made of metal like steel or aluminum, is to keep the pergola beams in place securely. Therefore, the hardware that comes with a pergola kit is also crucial.

This includes the fasteners needed to hold the brackets and beams in place, such as screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

Instructions and drawings

The comprehensive step-by-step instructions on assembling and installing the pergola are customarily included in the instructions and drawings that come inside a pergola kit.

In addition, the internal modules of the pergola and how they come together are typically depicted in illustrations and diagrams that are primarily attached to the instructions.

How to build a budget-friendly but beautiful Pergola Kit?

An outdoor pergola is a beautiful structure that accentuates your backyard and provides an expensive shelter for much-needed relaxation. However, pergolas can be quite a significant investment, even with your handy pergola kit.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of suggestions that can assist you in reducing the costs of your pergola kit.

Use inexpensive materials

Look for inexpensive materials that will still result in a sturdy and appealing finished product. For instance, you can save money while obtaining a sturdy building using pressure-treated pine instead of cedar or redwood.

Keep it simple

Find a classic, contemporary design option that won't break your bank account and will augment your outside area. Protect the wood and bring forth its inherent beauty by painting or staining it using weather-resistant materials.


You can save money on labor charges if you build the pergola yourself. A pergola kit is simple to assemble if you know how to use tools and have a DIY experience.

Shop sales and discounts

For info on the many pergola kits offered, look online, at home improvement stores, or in catalogs. Next, examine the costs of the various pergola kits. Make sure to factor in any additional expenses, including shipping or taxes. Finally, read internet reviews to find out what other users have thought of the pergola kits.

Use recycled materials

Look for sources of recycled materials like salvaged metal, recycled plastic, or reused wood. These materials can be obtained from recycling facilities, salvage yards, or demolition sites. Use your imagination and think creatively; you might discover that the resources you come across can be used in ways they weren't intended.

How to assemble the Pergola Kit?

We have compiled an easy tutorial guide to DIY your paradise patio in your backyard this summer.

Gather all the necessary tools and materials.

Make that you have all the equipment and supplies needed to assemble the pergola kit. This includes the actual pergola kit and any other necessary gear or tools, such as a ladder, a drill, a level, a saw, and a hammer.

Lay out all the components.

You'll need a saw, drill, screws, nails, and a level to assemble the pergola kit. You will also need the following materials: 2x6 lumber, PVC pipe, brackets, wire mesh, and sealant. Ensure the surface is level and free of obstructions before assembling the pergola kit. This is crucial to ensure the stability and security of the pergola.

Assemble the posts

To the proper height, trim the 4x4 posts, then fasten them to the concrete footings. Ensure that they are plumb and level. Connect the posts and beams using nuts and bolts, then tighten the bolts using a wrench.

Attach the pergola strings using pulleys or ropes to complete the installation. Once all the posts have been attached, test out your pergola by hanging items from it for stability. In addition, you can hang plants and other items to add charm to your outdoor space.

Attach the beams

The next step is building the rafters by cutting 2 x 4s to the desired length and nailing them to the top of the joists. Next, you can build your pergola by attaching crossbeams between the rafters. Finally, cover your pergola with a roof or decking.

Install the rafters

The rafters' locations on the beams are measured and marked. Ensure that the rafters are straight and spaced equally. The rafters should be cut to the proper length. Ensure that the rafters' ends are square. Onto the beams, screw the rafter hangers. These will be employed to secure the rafters.

Finish the Pergola

Add finishing touches, such as installing the lattice or shade cloth, after the pergola has been put together. Next, decorate the pergola with climbing plants or hanging baskets for a natural and lush appearance.

Additionally, this will offer privacy and shade. Finally, add lighting to the pergola to create a cozy and pleasant ambiance in the evening. You can use built-in lights, lanterns, or string lights to create an atmosphere.

Secure the Pergola

When assembling the pergola kit, securing the structure with screws and bolts is important. It is also vital to ensure the pergola is level before securing it to avoid future problems.

The pergola kit includes all the necessary parts to build a sturdy and beautiful pergola. First, verify the level, squareness, and stability of the pergola. Then, make any modifications that are required.

Which materials do I need to build my own Pergola Kit from scratch?

To assemble your DIY pergola kit from scratch, you will require the following materials at your discretion:

  • Posts
  • Beams
  • Rafters
  • Lattice/ trellis
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Fasteners
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Concrete
  • anchors
  • stain/ paint

How Much Does a Pergola Kit Cost?

A pergola kit's price may vary depending on several elements, such as its size, composition, and features. A basic pergola kit will typically cost between $1,000 and $3,000. The price, however, might vary widely depending on the product's size, materials, features, brand, extras, and installation services.

Pros & Cons of Pergola Kit

Before undertaking the hefty task of erecting a new backyard structure from scratch, One might find it pragmatic and reasonable to weigh some pros and cons since we understand what a trail it can be to dig holes and attach rafters and roof panels. Therefore, we would like to highlight some pros and cons to assist you in making this decision.


Pergola Kits are a cost-effective alternative to erecting a shade structure in your backyard. It offers easy assembly, time efficiency, and flexibility to choose the orientation and design of your construction.

In addition, it allows you to account for and adjust the construction formula for your desired amenities, including a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, retractable canopy, and more. The kits are made from durable materials and are easy to maintain.


Pergola kits come with pre-cut and pre-finalized posts, beams, and rafters. This limits your ability to customize your pergola in size, shape, and material. Pergola kits also carry a limited-time period warranty and therefore leave one to seek additional protection coverage.

Additionally, these are available in limited materials and designs, so you may need help finding one that matches your aesthetic requirements. Finally, to utilize all that pergola kits offer, one needs at least construction experience or DIY experience.

Bottom Line

A pergola kit is a simple and affordable way to create a beautiful pergola. The kit includes all the necessary materials, including galvanized steel posts, wire ties, and screws. It can be easy to assemble and complete in just a few hours.

In addition, the pergola is strong and weatherproof, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use. A pergola kit is an ideal choice, whether creating a pergola for outdoor entertaining or just looking to accentuate your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else I should know before assembling my Pergola Kit?

When building your Pergola Kit, always use gloves. These will assist you in avoiding contacting your skin with wood dust or other particles that may cause allergic responses. Use the appropriate connectors, bolts, and screws.

Use moderate force when putting your Pergola Kit together. This guarantees the building is stable and won't crumble in strong winds. Finally, under windy conditions, never leave your Pergola Kit unattended. This could make it more likely to crumble.

Can I make my own Pergola Kit, or do I need to buy one instead?

You may quickly construct your own pergola kit by gathering the required supplies and DIY know-how. Pergola kits come in various styles, so picking the one that best suits your requirements is critical.

Depending on the type and size of pergola you select, a pergola kit might cost anywhere from $200 to $5,000.

Which is better: wooden or metal Pergola Kits?

Although a metal pergola kit might be more robust, it might not look as good. In addition, a metal Pergola Kit could also cost more money than a wooden Pergola Kit. Hence, a wooden Pergola Kit can be better if you seek a cost-effective option.

Do Pergolas need foundations?

Pergola kits do not come with foundations. However, a base can be added for an extra fee if you want to use your pergola as outdoor seating. A foundation may not be required if you are not using your pergola for outdoor seating or other functions.

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