About ARKA

Embracing Luxury, Energizing Lives: Welcome to the World of Arka Energy

Arka Energy, a forward-thinking company based in Silicon Valley, leads the charge in creating elegant clean energy solutions for energizing lives and for a luxurious and sustainable living.
Arka Energy's global reach is a testament to our commitment to luxury and energizing of lives. With our platform facilitating the assessment of over 1200 MW of solar capacity worldwide, we've earned the trust of industry leaders like Tata Power, Unirac, and Renew Power.

Join us as we redefine sustainability and luxury.

Our Strategy Statement

Positioned as a visionary leader in the global market, our mission is to grace 500,000 homes with exquisite, sustainable  by 2026.
We thrive on a culture of relentless innovation, fostering an ecosystem where every interaction with our brand becomes a transformative digital experience.

Our Purpose Statement

To craft and introduce the globes’s premier luxury clean energy solutions, nurturing an energized ecosystem.

Over 90 years of Combined Experience:

Meet The Leadership Behind Arka

At Arka Energy, our esteemed leadership personifies a legacy of luxury and expertise, boasting over 90 years of combined experience.
With a steadfast dedication to elegance and innovation, each member brings a unique blend of passion and proficiency to drive forward the pinnacle of excellence in the clean energy industry.

Surya Potharaju

Founder & CEO

Rajesh Manapat

Chief Operating Officer

Rajagopalan G. K.

Chief Technology Officer

Shane Messer

Chief Commercial Officer

Our Core Values at ARKA

Our cultural values act as a guiding principle about how we operate, make decisions, serve our customers and grow together as a team of professionals.
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Customer Delight

We forge lasting connections through unparalleled service, amplifying our brand's influence and driving exponential growth.
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Quality First

Our commitment to excellence fosters unwavering trust, loyalty, and admiration from our clientele.
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Curiosity & Learning

We nurture a culture of curiosity and continuous learning, driving dynamic solutions that propel our customers to unparalleled success.
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Commitment & Respect

We champion trust and unity, fostering an environment where commitment and respect reign supreme.
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Unity in Diversity

By harnessing the power of varied perspectives to fuel innovation, we elevate employee engagement, motivation, and retention to unprecedented heights.
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Individual & Team Excellence

We fostering collective greatness by balancing individual brilliance with cohesive teamwork.

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