Frequently asked questions

What if it gets damaged in an extreme environment?
Extreme weather is a valid concern, and our modern PowerPatios and PowerGazebos are built tough! They're designed to withstand hail, high winds, and heavy snow loads. Plus, your homeowner's insurance typically covers patio structures andsolar panels, just like your roof coversthe rest of your home; verify that with your agent. 🛡️ Want to learn more about how our PowerPatio and /PowerGazebos stand up to the elements? Let's connect!
Does Arka help with design?
Yes, Arka will take care of the design, permitting, and installation of our PowerGazebo and PowerPatio products.
How long will it take to install it?
The installation of your PowerGazebo will only take 1-2 days for our installation crew; the permitting and HOA approval processes will vary by state and region. [Book an appointment] Set a time with our outdoor design expert to learn more.
Why am I getting a 30% tax credit on buying Arka’s products?
In August 2022, Congress passed an extension and increased the renewable energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar equipment - Arka Energy’s PowerPatio and PowerGazebos are qualified for the program (see website for your eligibility and always consult a tax advisor).
Can I customize the PowerGazebo/PowerPatio with optional accessories?
Yes, there are several ways to personalize your Arka PowerGazebo/PowerPatio. Please ask our outdoor design specialist how.
How long is the warranty on it?
With a durable luxury outdoor living product that is built to last, the energy warranty is up to 25 years. Get in touch with us for the warranty details.
What's the perfect size?
There are many sizes to choose from, and our outdoor design specialist will recommend the best fit for your outdoor space. Most customers find that 268–312 sqft of luxury outdoor living space is ideal for their needs.
How does it help to save on electricity bills?
The PowerGazebo/PowerPatio saveson your monthly energy costs by reducing the amount of energy you buy from the utility company, in other words, it works great, and you are going to love the monthly electricity bill savings.”
How much can I save on electricity bills per month?
Your monthly savings depend on several factors, including your electricity usage, system size, local electricity rates, and available incentives. However, most homeowners can expect to save hundreds of dollars per year.
What is the longest zone?
Our largest PowerGazebo/PowerPatio is 12’x29’ or 352 sq ft, and we can combine more than one PowerGazebo/PowerPatio for a larger outdoor luxury living space.
‘Pays for itself’. Is this some joke?
A solar PowerPatio/PowerGazebo paying for itself isn't a joke or magic, it's math! 🤓 Combining potential tax credits with the value of the clean energy your system generates, it's a smart investment that can lead to significant lifetime savings. Want to learn more about the financial benefits? We are here to help!  
What is PowerPatio?

PowerPatio is a terrace or ground mount structure that provides an aesthetic recreational space integrated with a PV system. PowerPatio systems are available in standard configurations of 204 sq. ft. / 2.9 kW PV, 252 sq. ft. / 3.6 kW PV, 300 sq. ft. / 4.3 kW PV, and 348 sq. ft. / 5 kW PV. A PowerPatio can be installed by our approved dealers or installers on most terraces or backyards.

How are BIPV solar tiles different from conventional solar panels?

ARKA BIPV products include solar tiles, custom-designed mounting structure, and an improved electrical interconnection to offer a solar patio solution. While conventional PV modules are made with glass-on-back sheet with metal frames for structural integrity, Arka products are built with tempered glass-on-glass without a metal frame offering superior durability, inherent structural integrity, and ruggedness.

What about performance? Does it perform the same or better than conventional solar panels?

ARKA products use an innovative solar tile technology to maximize power density and performance. While most conventional solar panels use 150/162 mm full solar cells, AKRA  products are built with one-third cut high-performance 182 mm solar cells offering more power from a smaller area. Shingling (cutting) of solar cells increases power density and offers a superior aesthetic finish along with increased reliability and energy production. Each ARKA tile produces about 77 W of power in an area of 250 sq. ft. PowerPatio has forty-five such tiles for an aggregate of 3.46 kW rated DC capacity.

What about durability and reliability?

ARKA  products undergo rigorous reliability testing to ensure durability. Solar tiles are undergoing the certification process for IEC 61215 and UL 61730 at NRTL. They are being tested for long-term durability, to ensure a 25-year life, and their ability to withstand 140 km/hr cyclone winds, extreme hail, heavy rain, and snow loads. The PowerPatio is exhaustively tested to last through its projected 25+ year lifetime. The power inverter and gateway are also undergoing the approval process.

Are your systems approved by utility and local power authorities?

All ARKA products, including associated mounting structure and electronics are in the process of being approved at the local level. We use rigorously tested and qualified inverters in the PV systems. We currently offer on-grid PV systems that have the added benefit of “pay back” from local utilities for energy generated and fed back into the grid. In the near future, we will also offer hybrid inverter-based solutions with Lithium-Ion battery storage.

How do I keep track of my energy production?

Energy production from the ARKA products is monitored continuously with our gateway that includes a cellular Modem and WiFi for backup/ The energy production information gathered every 15 mins and stored on our cloud servers. This data is available to the system owners to view through the Spotlight mobile and web apps.

Is the PowerPatio waterproof?

Yes, the PowerPatio is all-weather proof and completely waterproof. It includes a waterproof underlayment that withstands all inclement weather conditions like rain, snow, sleet, and cyclones. It also has a false ceiling and improved aesthetics.

Can a PowerPatio be installed on my older home RCC roof?

Yes. Our installation crew will do a site survey to assess the roof condition, determine the right location and orientation for the PowerPatio. Once the site survey is completed, a design plan is shared with customers for their review, and additional checks on electrical circuits/main panel are performed before an actual installation is scheduled.

Dust and soiling are a problem for PV systems - how is the PowerPatio cleaned?

We can recommend simple and innovative solutions to keep the ARKA systems performing at their peak. You can either sign up for the periodic maintenance with our installation partners or buy one of their cleaning accessories.

How long will it take to install a PowerPatio?

A 2-hour pre-install site survey is scheduled to assess the site and check on the electrical interconnections. PowerPatio systems of 180 sq. ft. and 250 sq. ft. take about 2 days to install, while the larger systems, 400 sq. ft. and above, would take around 3-5 days.