Pool Landscaping Ideas: The Ultimate Pool Landscaping Guide

Pool Landscaping Ideas: The Ultimate Pool Landscaping Guide

If you want to make the most of your pool, landscaping may be the way to go. Whether your pool is small or large, landscaping with plants will provide the best natural water filtration and oxygenation.

Not only does landscaping with plants improve the aesthetic appeal of the water, but it also protects against mosquitoes and other insects. It's an art in that it improves the aesthetics of a pool without compromising its functionality.

Continue reading to discover 15 landscaping ideas for swimming pools that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

What is Pool Landscaping?

Pool landscaping is the design and decoration of a swimming pool's surrounding area. Patios, decks, walkways, plants, trees, rocks, lighting, and other elements that enhance the appearance and functionality of the pool area may be included in this area.

Pool landscaping aims to create a visually appealing and functional outdoor space that enhances the property's overall aesthetic while providing a comfortable and inviting outdoor living and recreation area.

Types of Pool Landscaping

To make your pool a one-stop paradise outside your window, you must know your theme before landscaping.


Beautiful palm trees, colorful flowers, and waterfalls are all included in tropical pool landscaping ideas. Tropical pool landscaping ideas can transform your pool area into a relaxing oasis away from the pool.

Pond landscaping and jungle pool landscaping are two of the most popular tropical pool landscaping ideas. These concepts can create a natural pond with artificial plants and rocks, bringing a touch of the jungle to the poolside.

Other tropical pool landscaping ideas include cave pool landscaping, which creates a relaxing sunken area with mossy rocks and waterfalls. If you have limited space in your swimming pool, this type of landscaping is ideal.


Formal pool landscaping is ideal for pools in high-traffic areas or frequently used by the family. Creating a peaceful environment can include statues, water features, or flower beds. These designs are particularly appealing to pool owners looking to increase the value of their property.


Lush plants and bright stones distinguish the Mediterranean pool landscaping style. This type of landscaping is ideal for pools in sunny locations because the plants provide shade, and the stones give the pool a natural look and feel.

The Mediterranean pool landscaping style is also popular for smaller pools because it uses available space better. In addition, this design is ideal for creating a distinct atmosphere around your pool.


All-natural pool landscaping options are adding plants and trees, creating waterfalls, and installing ponds. Natural pool landscaping is a low-cost way to update your pool area without replacing the entire pool.

Natural landscaping options can transform your pool area from drab and boring to a friendly and inviting oasis in minutes. Natural features that are functional and visually appealing can be used to create an appealing poolside space.

This method will assist you in creating the desired relaxing ambiance while benefiting the surrounding ecosystem.


Numerous modern pool landscaping ideas can turn your pool into a lovely oasis. Water features such as fountains and waterfalls can add drama and visual appeal to your poolside patio or backyard.

Ponds and pools are other ideas that can be created by adding rocks, plants, and waterfalls to the pool. Anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance and beauty to their pool will appreciate modern pool landscaping ideas.


Rustic pool-scaping is the design and decoration of a swimming pool area that incorporates elements and styles inspired by nature and rustic themes. One method is incorporating natural stone, such as flagstone or rough-cut stones, into the pool deck, retaining walls, and other features.

Use lanterns, string lights, and candlelight at night to create a warm, inviting ambiance. Without wood, a pastoral scene is incomplete without wooden furniture, such as Adirondack chairs and picnic ta, for a relaxed, rustic lockable.

When should you install Pool Landscaping?

The best time to enjoy your pool is in the summer. When all the other way to beat the heat fails, the only recourse left is to jump in your pool for a refreshing afternoon.

If all that sounds good, the chief summer months will finish your pool's construction and landscaping. Unfortunately, it takes at least 2-3 months for a pool project to come true to life. Therefore, keeping the construction timeline in mind, you must initiate your pool landscaping endeavor in winter.

If you already possess a pool and need to do a cool place around it, you can install a pergola in about two weeks if you choose to have it constructed and accessorized.

How much does Pool Landscaping cost?

Pool landscaping costs vary greatly depending on the size of the pool area, the materials and plants used, the design complexity, and other factors. Pool landscaping costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple design to tens of thousands for a more elaborate, high-end design.

15 Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

Ten ways to achieve a landscape that dials the beauty of your pool and outdoor living space to eleven while also dialing back on the work of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. If you want a beautiful swimming area that will turn your pool time into a tranquil ambiance, you can try out these looks:

Lush oasis

Add the serene beauty of lush tropical plants covering your pool's area parameters to render the feeling of a delightful island escape in your backyard. You can choose flora that will suit your area's climatic needs.

If unsatisfied with the result, you can always check out various artificial plants to add to the setting. However, natural plants will exhibit various ecological, psychological, and health benefits.

Paver path

A paver path adds a look to your space that perfectly combines classic and contemporary. Rinse your feet off the lush green grass as you exit your pool. A paver path is a low-cost yet visually appealing way to improve the pool's aesthetics and functionality.

The paver path can also create patio and walkway areas around the pool. This landscaping option is adaptable and can be tailored to the style and size of your pool.

Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon is a water feature that includes an artificial lagoon filled with crystal-clear water. The lagoon is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, which create a natural setting for swimming and relaxation.

The pool landscape includes a waterfall and a spa, among other water features. Paradise Lagoon can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind pool experience.

Asian fusion

Using native plants and flowers is central to Asian fusion garden design. This garden style combines elements of contemporary and traditional Asian culture in a landscaped setting.

Asian fusion gardens are ideal for those looking to add a luxurious touch to their pool area. Starting with a sketch or plan and then adapting it to your needs is the best way to create an Asian fusion garden.

Plenty of inspiration for creating the ideal pool oasis, from ferns and shrubs to flowers, trees, and potted plants.

Nocturnal knockout

Evening pool swimming can be a wonderfully breathtaking experience. Adding landscaping features like lights and waterfalls, your pool may become a lovely paradise.

You can experiment with various pool landscaping ideas, from adding lighting to your pool wall to constructing a cascade from the pool deck. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these projects also add ambient lighting to the pool, making swimming safer and more pleasurable at night.

There are many possibilities for turning your pool into a haven of peace and beauty, whether planning a bigger makeover or simply landscaping your backyard pool.

Stone & shrub

Using stone and shrub landscaping features, a natural sanctuary can be created around your pool area. These can be used to hide pool equipment or provide pool users privacy.

Your landscaping can benefit from the year-round color and texture shrubbery, like shrub roses, can provide. You may guarantee the optimum outcomes from your pool landscaping design by planting bushes in pots or directly into the ground.


Water plants and aquatic plants cascade down the edges of the bed in the bedhead landscaping style. This gives your poolside landscape a natural aspect that adds richness and dimension.

To give your pool a distinctive appearance, the plants in the bedhead landscape design can be arranged in various patterns and hues. The bed head landscaping design is a great option for pool owners busy with other activities in the pool area because it is simple to install and needs little upkeep.

Nature preserve

Pool Landscaping Ideas with palm trees

Pool landscaping ideas inspired by nature preserves offer a lovely and simple method to increase the value of your pool area. You may create a natural pool area that is both beautiful and useful by landscaping it with local plants and flowers.

Use plants from your backyard or adjacent gardens for the best effects. Using native plants and flowers that will grow in your home's climate and soil is the main idea behind nature preserve pool landscaping.

Seamless swimming pool

Because they are attractive and easily fit into the surroundings, seamless swimming pools are popular. Residents and visitors can enjoy the calm refuge that these pools offer.

When it comes to designing attractive pool landscaping, there is no wrong option. Whether you choose flower beds, fire pits, or waterfalls, the finished product will be a gorgeous poolside patio area that is visually appealing and calming.

Blooming beauties

Adding flowers to your pool area can gain beauty, color, and scent. Adding some botanical beauty to your poolside patio is a terrific way to improve the area, whether you have a single flower in the pool or an organic garden full of various plants and flowers.

Adding flowering plants and trellises to the pool area will help you create an outdoor oasis, one of the greatest pool landscaping ideas.

Inspired connections

The relationships between plants and flowers should be considered while developing pool landscaping. This will give your pool area a unified look and feel.

Selecting plants that can withstand intense sunlight and water droplets is crucial. Remember that low-maintenance plants are best for this.

Dynamic color palette

Your pool's appearance can be improved by incorporating a vibrant color scheme into the landscaping around it. For instance, succulents are renowned for producing breathtaking visual effects in the yard.

They can be utilized to add a water feature to your pool and flourish in low light. In addition, you may add other flowers and plants, such as lavender, to give your garden varied hues and textures.

Clean & green

A pool area that stresses using sustainable and ecologically friendly materials in its construction and upkeep is known as a "clean and green" pool area. The objective is to minimize the environmental impact of the pool and the area around it by designing a unified, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance outdoor area.

Terraced greenery

A landscape design known as terraced greenery pool landscaping entails the construction of numerous terraced gardens and swimming pools intermingled with one another.

To visually connect the pool area to the surrounding scenery, the terraced gardens are often stocked with lush plants, flowers, and shrubs. A hot tub, spa, or waterfalls can also be incorporated into the pool area's design, which ups the space's luxury and tranquility.

How to choose the right type of Pool Landscaping for your home?

Pool Landscaping Ideas drawing

Choosing the right pool landscaping for your home entails considering several factors, including your style, budget, and the climate and environment of your area. Here are some questions to ponder over while selecting the best pool landscaping for your home:

What's your budget?

Budget is usually a key consideration when deciding on the best pool landscaping for your house. It's critical to pick the pool landscaping option that best matches your pool and budget from the options available, each with different limitations and benefits.

If the money is tight, consider easy solutions like mulching an area or planting trees and shrubs around the pool area. Basic lounge chairs, cushions, umbrellas, and string lights can also be added.

If you have more money, consider more sophisticated choices like adding a waterfall, an outdoor fireplace or kitchen, or building a whole outdoor pool house with a pergola or covered patio.

Take a look at your environment.

Choose drought-resistant plants like succulents, cacti, or desert trees in a hot, dry climate. Take advantage of including exotic palm trees and tropical plants in your pool landscaping design if you reside in a tropical environment.

Choose plants that can resist cold weather and provide color during the winter if you reside in a colder climate. Consider growing perennials like winter jasmine, witch hazels, and hellebores.

Alternatively, if your area doesn't support natural vegetation, you can invest in hardscaping with natural rocks. Natural stones also help in drainage and moisture control. 

How much room do you have?

The pool's size and shape should be considered while designing a pool landscape. Based on the space available in your pool area, you should base your decision on the pool landscaping style you want.

If there isn't much room, you might choose to have a regular or fake plant garden by the pool. On the other hand, you could incorporate a water feature or spa into your landscaping design if you have a sizable pool.

How will you use your pool?

A Zen-style garden design with calming hues, rock formations, and water features is a good option to create a peaceful and tranquil ambiance around your pool. Pick vivid hues, flowerbeds, and a sizable deck area for sunbathing and outdoor terrace dining if you want a pool that the whole family can enjoy.

You can also include a children's play area and a fire pit for gatherings in the evening. A landscape plan with a diving board, slides, and water toys is best if you enjoy sports and want a pool to train or play in.

Finally, add some palm trees and a sandy area to create a tropical atmosphere.

Consider maintenance costs

Choose drought-resistant, low-maintenance plants that require less water for a low-maintenance garden. Succulents, cacti, lavender, rosemary, and thyme are a few examples.

Artificial grass does not require watering, mowing, or fertilizing and is an excellent choice for low-maintenance landscaping. Instead of constructing a solid pergola, Pavers or decorative stones can create a patio area around the pool that does not require regular maintenance.

To build a deck, consider using a low-maintenance decking material like composite decking or stone pavers. Water fountains and rock gardens are also attractive, but they require regular maintenance and can raise the cost of pool landscaping.

Maintenance Tips for Pool Landscaping

Pool Landscaping

To keep your pool landscape top-notch throughout the year, you must maintain it by cleaning, replacing, and maintaining it. If all those sound exhausting beyond question, read our maintenance tips below to grasp landscaping maintenance protocol.

  • Watering your pool landscape regularly is essential for its upkeep. Water your plants, shrubs, and grass at least once per week.
  • Regularly prune and fertilize your plants and shrubs to keep them healthy and looking their best.
  • Remove weeds and pests, insects, and rodents from the area around your pool by hand or with a weed killer. Maintain a neat appearance by mowing your grass regularly.
  • Regular pool maintenance, such as cleaning and chemical addition, is also essential for maintaining your pool landscape's overall appearance and health.
  • Maintain a clean pool landscape by regularly sweeping and removing any leaves or other debris.

Pros & Cons of Pool Landscaping

Before committing to elevating your pool with various planters and diy backyard ideas, carefully weigh the pros and cons of the task you will undertake to make an informed decision.


There are numerous advantages to putting in extra effort when it comes to pool landscaping. Landscaping your pool with plants and flowers will not only provide a natural atmosphere but will also improve the aesthetics of your property.

Furthermore, landscaping your pool with shrubs and trees will provide you and your guests privacy. Rather than having barren sides and fences, pool landscaping can transform the space into a lush oasis.

In addition, pool landscaping can greatly enhance the social experience of the swimming poolside by providing additional shade and privacy.

Furthermore, pool landscaping is a great way to enjoy swimming without disturbing others by lowering noise levels and filtering out noise from the surrounding community.


The cost of pool landscaping can be high, especially if you choose pricey plants, features, and materials. Maintaining a pool's landscaping requires effort and frequent maintenance, including watering, pruning, fertilizing, and cleaning.

The water needed for a pool landscape might increase water bills and pressure on the local water supply. Storms and extremely hot weather can harm the landscaping around your pool.

Additionally, Poorly planned pool landscaping can result in drainage issues, which can cause water to collect in low-lying places and potentially harm your pool and the environment around it.

Bottom Line

Adding pool landscaping components to your backyard design can provide a lot of splash and pizazz. However, a clean, safe swimming area also depends on plants that filter the water and maintain a healthy ecosystem around the pool.

As a result, the pool liner will last longer, and swimming will be more enjoyable by keeping the water clear and debris-free. Additionally, pool landscaping professionals have the knowledge and skills to develop a stunning environment that fulfills your vision.

So why not let them handle the laborious tasks instead? Then, you won't need to worry about anything as you enjoy your pool all summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plants can be used to be Landscaped around a Pool?

The choice of plants to create a landscape around a pool ultimately comes down to the style of landscape you want. Succulents, ferns, and palm trees are a few well-liked options.

What types of materials can be used to create a Pool Landscape?

Numerous materials can be used while landscaping a pool. Stones, driftwood, plants, flowers, and even pool pavers are some of the most widely used components. But picking the appropriate material for the pool and landscaping design is crucial.

For example, if your pool has a spa component, you could use materials like stones or tiles that appear exquisite and go with the theme of the spa area.

Which one is better: Above ground Pools or In-ground Pools?

Your lifestyle and preferences will determine this. For example, above-ground pools may be installed practically anywhere, look nicer, and often cost less. On the other hand, in-ground pools are bigger, provide greater privacy, and take up less room.

What is best to put around a Pool for Landscaping?

Some of the best landscaping ideas for pools involve using plants, stones, and flowers. Additionally, you can use water features to make the area surrounding your pool more beautiful.

Make sure the plants or flowers you choose for the landscaping around your pool suit the local soil and temperature. Supplies for pool landscaping are typically available at garden centers.

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