Pergola Covers: Everything You Need To Know

Pergola Covers: Everything You Need To Know

Pergola covers are an essential component of a patio or outdoor living space. They cover patio furniture to keep the weather away and offer shade to your area.

Plus, they add a touch of elegance to a space. But deciding what pergola cover ideas are right for you can be difficult if you don’t know what options are available.

So in this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pergola covers - from their various types and how much they cost to how to measure a pergola cover and tips on care and installation.

What are Pergola Covers?

A pergola cover is a roofing product that covers the top of a pergola and provides a lot of shade. It can be made from various heavy-duty materials, including durable materials like waterproof canvas or tarp and lighter-weight materials like mosquito netting or meshes.

Covers come in various styles and colors, so you can choose one that matches your home's style or color palette.

Types of Pergola Covers

Pergola covers

When it comes to pergola cover ideas, there are many different types available for you to choose from. Each cover type has advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to consider all the factors before making a final decision.

Some pergola covers are made of durable materials like metal or plastic, which can withstand the elements of outdoor environments well.

These cover types are also affordable and easy to clean, making them a great choice for gardeners looking for a quick and easy solution.

However, pergola covers made of cloth or vinyl aren't as durable as the other types, so they should be used carefully to avoid damage to your patio or decking.

What is a good cover for a pergola?

Pergola covered with a pergola cover

Waterproof pergola covers can be a great way to protect your pergola from the elements, and they can also help to add a unique touch to your space.

When choosing a pergola cover, you should look for one that is durable and weather-resistant and that fits your pergola's specifications.

This will ensure that the cover provides optimal rain protection and protection against sun, wind, rain, and snow. Additionally, it would be best to consider the cover's aesthetics and whether it matches your pergola's style.

This will help you create a look that is cohesive and balanced. Finally, make sure the cover is easy to install and remove. Before purchasing a cover, testing it to ensure its compatibility with your pergola is important.

How much does Pergola Cover Cost?

If you want to cover your wooden pergola with a cover, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $5,000+. The beige cover's size and shape will also affect the price.

A larger cover will be more expensive than a smaller one, and durable fabric can also add cost. When choosing a cover for your pergola, measure it before purchasing to know what kind of coverage you need.

How to measure the size of a Pergola Cover?

Metal pergola cover

Before purchasing a beige pergola cover, it's important to determine the cover's size. To do this, first, determine the height and width of your pergola. Once you have these two figures, multiply them together to get the cover's total coverage area.

Divide this number by 2 to find the approximate cover size in inches (e.g., if your pergola's total coverage area is 120 sq ft, your cover size would be 24"). Be sure to match the cover size to your specific needs – too big or too small may not provide optimal shade protection.

Additionally, it is a great job to consider factors such as budget, weather conditions, and ease of use.

What kind of fabric should be used for a Pergola Cover?

Pergola installed on the deck

A pergola cover is a durable and weather-proof cover designed to protect your outdoor pergola from the elements.

A pergola deck cover can be made from various fabrics, including waterproof fabrics like polyester or nylon, strong outdoor fabric that withstand harsh sunlight and windy conditions, and breathable fabrics that provide good airflow.

When selecting a pergola cover, it's vital to consider your climate and sun exposure preferences.

However, only some fabrics are suitable for some climates. Selecting a durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear over time and provide good protection is important.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Pergola Cover

When you are looking to buy a pergola cover, you should keep a few things in mind. First, ensure you understand the dimensions of the space where you want to install your pergola cover.

This will help you choose a cover that is big enough to cover the pergola and its supporting structure but not so large that it covers too much space.

Also, consider how much shade and privacy you need and choose a cover that will fit your needs perfectly.

Finally, be aware of wind conditions and the shielding your pergola cover provides. An inadequate cover may not be able to adequately protect a pergola from winds, which could result in damage and eventual decay.

When comparing prices and quality ratings, aim for the best value for your money and consider factors such as durability, material quality, and warranty coverage.

Pros & Cons of Pergola Covers

Pergola covers are a great way to add shade, privacy, and style to your backyard. They come in various materials and styles, allowing you to find one that suits your needs.

Some of the benefits of using pergola covers include the fact that they can protect against sun damage and insects.


If you want to add more outdoor seating to your property, a pergola cover is an excellent solution. They come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs.

These covers can be easily installed – follow the instructions provided by the seller. They provide shade during the hot summer months, which can greatly benefit living in a sunny area.

Besides, using a pergola cover has plenty of benefits, so make sure you understand them before purchasing.


Pergola covers can be expensive, especially if you choose a custom-made or specialized material such as a retractable awning or shade cloth.

Some pergola covers may not be compatible with the design or structure of the pergola or may need to provide more shade or protection.

Pergola covers may obstruct views or natural light or may not allow for natural ventilation, which can affect the comfort and usability of the space.

How to Care for Your Pergola Cover?

Attached patio

When it comes to custom pergola covers, the most important thing is to keep them clean. To do this, wipe down the cover with a damp cloth every week or two. If you notice heavy rain or moisture accumulating on the cover, take it down and dry it off as soon as possible.

You can also store your pergola cover in a shady location if necessary – make sure to bring it back out when the weather starts to warm up again! These simple steps will help ensure that your pergola cover remains in good condition and can last for years.

Installation Tips for Pergola Cover

If you're looking for a way to cover your pergola for outdoor living, consider investing in a pergola cover. These are the perfect way to protect your pergola from the elements, such as heavy rain and sunshine, and can add style to your outdoor space.

Before you purchase a pergola cover, be sure to measure the area where it will be installed. This will ensure you get a large cover to fit your pergola and is the right size and style for your needs.

Cover selection should also be based on factors like protection against wind and UV exposure, retractable screens, durability, and cost.

When purchasing a pergola cover, make sure to read the installation instructions carefully so that you understand how to install it properly.

Wrap Up

With a pergola cover, you can enjoy outdoor living year-round without worrying about harsh winds and inclement weather. Plus, they are durable and can withstand even heavy rainfalls and strong winds.

However, choosing a pergola cover that can withstand extreme weather conditions and be durable enough for years of use is vital.

With the right pergola cover, you can be sure of a durable cover that can withstand the weather, insects, and other elements while protecting your gazebo.

But to ensure you get a cover that’s the right size and type for your pergola, it’s crucial to measure it before choosing a cover. For more information and such articles, visit our website, ArkaEnergy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dye my Pergola Cover to match my home décor?

Yes, you can dye your pergola cover to match your home décor. Many pergola covers are made of polyester or vinyl, which can be easily dyed using a variety of fabric dyes.

Read the manufacturer's recommendations before getting started, as some dyes may not be suitable for outdoor use.

If you decide to dye your cover, make sure to use a fabric dye that is suitable for outdoor use. This will help ensure the cover lasts longer and resist fading or damage in the sun.

Can I use rain or sun protection when purchasing a Pergola Cover?

You can purchase a retractable pergola cover that provides UV rays and rain protection. The type of cover will determine how much protection it provides from sunlight and water.

Consider canopy fabrics that are waterproof, UV resistant, and mildew resistant. Additional add-ons, such as curtains or shades, can also be purchased to provide extra protection from the elements.

Can you make your pergola covers?

Yes, it is possible to make your pergola covers. There are a variety of materials that can be used for this purpose, including canvas, cloth, and vinyl.

Some popular DIY options include using outdoor fabric or repurposing a large drop cloth.

How do you cover a pergola for the winter?

To cover a pergola for the winter, you can consider a few options. One option is to use a pergola cover or canopy made from waterproof and weather-resistant material such as vinyl or polyester.

This will protect the pergola from snow, rain, and wind while still allowing some natural light to come through.

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