35 Best Wedding Arbor Ideas | Inspiring Designs [2024]

35 Best Wedding Arbor Ideas | Inspiring Designs [2024]

A wedding is a special moment. It's every person’s life, indeed. And to make sure everything goes well, preparations and things have to be taken the utmost care of. One such special and essential element of any wedding is the wedding arbor.  

The decorative structures under which wedding vows are taken have to be elegant and one-of-a kind! It is decorated in numerous ways and is the focal point of any wedding celebration. So why not have the most interesting and appealing wedding arbor ideas ready by your side? 

Having an elegant and unique wedding arbor is a dream for everyone. A wedding arbor that stands out echoes the stylistic and careful choices of the couple. So let us see what the best and most pretty wedding arbor ideas are that you can incorporate into your special day. 

35 Best Wedding Arbor Ideas 

Install a PowerGazebo arbor with smart lighting. 

Add a sleek and stylish PowerGazebo and make it your Arbor. The solar panels will help give electric power to the built-in lighting. These will be sustainable and energy-efficient structures. 

Also, the PowerGazebo will have a contemporary and modern structure, perfect for a wedding arbor. Decorate it with climbing vines and blooming flowers. Keep comfy seating around it and see the magical vibe that gets created at the evening wedding with those smart lights! 

Benefits of PowerGazebo: 

  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective 
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly structure 
  • Impressive from all angles. 
  • Can be used for various purposes. 
  • It increases the functionality of the place. 
  • Can be easily customized and maintained. 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Adds aesthetic appeal and value to your place. 
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Bohemian Arbor 

Add some stunning dreamcatchers, feathers, and vibrant Bohemian details. These will give a classic bohemian vibe and style to your arbor. Whimsical and lavish, these are perfect for outdoor weddings. 

Vintage Door Arbor

Add some vintage door frames to the arbor. Decorate these with some beautiful flower garlands and lace curtains. This will give off an old-school vibe and a cozy ambiance. 

Minimalist Metal Arbor

Give a modern twist to your wedding. Add a sleek and contemporary-looking wedding arbor with clean lines. Decorate these with contemporary aesthetic décor and minimal greenery. 

Hanging Floral Chandelier Arbor

Hang a lush floral chandelier in your arbor. This can be a dramatic and appealing statement price that will be the center of attention. Add some blooms and greenery, and these will give it a romantic charm. 

Seashell Arbor

Add a coastal charm to your wedding arbor. Incorporate décor that is made of seashells and hoes, as well as bluish and whitish themes. Soft pastel blooms and fabrics will enhance the overall grace of the arbor. 

Rustic Wooden Barrel Arbor

Add some wooden barrels for a natural and rustic charm. You can add some wildflowers and fairy lights in the background. These will give a nostalgic, whimsical, and countryside vibe to your arbor. 

Garden Gate Arbor

Decorate the entrance gate of the arbor with garden flowers, vibrant soft blooms, vines, and lush greenery. Consider adding some ivy and roses as maintenance themes. These will be very inviting, charming, and appealing. 

Moroccan-inspired Arbor

Add an exotic Moroccan theme to your wedding arbor. Add intricate details and patterns, use vibrant colors, and add some ornate lanterns to it. Rich textiles with a sweet combination of greenery around can create a heavenly Moroccan retreat. 

Industrial-style Arbor

Use pipes and metal works to get an industrial vibe in your wedding arbor ideas. Add some string lights and bulbs, along with some vines. These will give a lovely urban aesthetic to your wedding arbor, making it unique and interesting. 

Balloon Arbor

Add a playful touch to your wedding arbor ideas. Decorate your arbor with colorful and beautiful balloons. It could be an interesting and unique idea for an outdoor wedding. 

Hanging Swing Arbor

Add a romantic touch to the arbor by creating a hanging, swing-like design. Decorate these with flowers and vines all around, and create a magical visual for exchanging vows. 

Enchanted Forest Arbor

Are you in love with the enchanted forests of fairytales? Then get one for yourself! Add natural wood, moss, ferns, and wildflowers to the arbor. Use fairy lights and lanterns to illuminate this magical space. 

Paper Cranes Arbor

Decorate the arbor with lots and lots of paper cranes. Made with colorful and decorative papers, these paper crane décor adds a personal nostalgic touch. Moreover, it is a stunning visual as well! 

Art Deco Arbor

Add some geometric shapes, metallic accents, cascading orchids, and much more to your wedding arbor. It’ll be both fancy and sophisticated at the same time. 

Wine barrels and vines Arbor

Create a unique and rustic-looking arbor from wine barrels and grapevines. Perfect for vineyard weddings and outdoor celebrations, these are pretty indeed! 

Japanese Zen Garden Arbor

Add beautiful Japanese features to your wedding arbor. Add clean lines, bamboos, and all other Zen Garden elements. It will create a serene and cozy ambiance to exchange vows! 

Gilded Mirror Arbor

Use gilded mirrors with cascading florals to add unbeatable glamour to your arbor. The reflective mirrors will add depth as well as elegance. They will be great to enhance the romantic ambiance. 

Palm Leaf Arbor

Give a tropical oasis touch to your wedding arbor. Adorn it with palm leaves, exotic blooms, and bamboo décor. It is perfect for destination or beachside weddings. 

Antique Lace Arbor

Add a vintage romance vibe and use antique lace curtains to decorate your wedding arbor. Use delicate flowers and soft pastel tones to enhance the romantic and cozy ambiance. 

Engraved Wooden Arbor

Use engraved wood to add a touch of sophistication and personal preference. Get them engraved with initials, quotes, or some cherishing dates. It is really a heartfelt way to add a sentimental touch to a wedding arbor. 

Moon Gate Arbor

Use a moon gate with some florals and greenery. These will be the focal and appealing points. The circular shape of the moon will symbolize unity and harmony. 

Vintage bicycle Arbor

Want to add some whimsy? Then add a vintage bicycle that is decorated with flowers and foliage. It’ll be a charming and nostalgic touch to add to your ceremony. 

Floating Floral Arbor

With a flower floating Arbor, create a magical illusion! Suspend it above the ceremony space and decorate it with blooms and greenery.  

Roman Arbor

Add neoclassical Roman décor to get timeless elegance and finishes. Use draped fabrics and floral arrangements to add Roman sophistication. 

Rustic Pallet Arbor

Use rustic pallets for Arbor and decorate them with some wildflowers and pretty laces. It is a budget-friendly option and adds a rustic charm to the arbor as well. 

Starry Night Arbor

Create a wonderland with this one! Add some beautiful starry lights and celestial décor to the wedding arbor. Creating a magical touch, these are great wedding arbor ideas, especially for evening ceremonies. 

English Garden Arbor 

Add the romantic elements of an English garden to your wedding arbor. Add roses, peonies, and much more to get that elegant charm and romantic vibe. 

Floating Candle Arbor

Illuminate the ceremony space with some pretty floating candles. Decorate them with submerged blooms and flickering candles. These will create an intimate ambiance and romantic visuals. 

Citrus Grove Arbor

Add citrus groves, lemon branches, and vibrant blooms to the wedding arbor. Fresh and vibrant, these are pretty themes for sunny daytime weddings. 

Travel-themed Arbor

Add magical space to your ceremony with a theme of travels and adventures. Use globes and cute small suitcase décor all over. These will be nostalgic and interesting, indeed. 

Crystal Curtain Arbor

Create a dazzling wedding arbor like never before with crystal curtains. Add shimmering beads and crystals of various sizes and colors. These will be glamorous and sophisticated, catching the light and sparking with every movement! 

Cultural Folklore Arbor

Add folklore-inspired decor and elements to your wedding arbor. Use traditional textiles, patterns, designs, and motifs. It’ll be a great way to celebrate the wedding with ancestry and a cultural touch. 

Rainbow Ribbon Arbor

Use rainbow ribbons and add vibrancy to your wedding arbor ideas. It will be a joyful and festive display of endless and unbound love. 

Retro Vinyl Record Arbor

Use vintage music with the Retro Vinyl Record Arbor. Use fun music-themed décor and antique radios for your wedding ceremony. These will add a nostalgic and playful touch to the arbor. 

Types of Wedding Arbor 

There are many types of wedding arbor ideas in which one may indulge. Each of these types holds a significance and beauty of its own. 

Wooden Arbor 

These are classic wooden arbors with natural beauty and the warmth of wood. Elegant and rustic, these can be adorned with any décor of one’s choice. 

Metal Arbor 

These are sleek and modern in look. These can be made from iron, aluminum, or steel. These have intricate designs and modern aesthetics. 

Bamboo Arbor 

These are great choices for a beach or tropical wedding. They offer natural beauty and an exotic vibe. Unique, lightweight, and eco-friendly, these can be decorated with flowers and vines.  

Arch Arbor 

These have an arched or curved top, which creates a romantic look. These are very appealing and contemporary. These can be made from a variety of materials, like wood, metal, etc. 

Garden Arbor 

These blend with garden settings and provide a seamless floral aesthetic. With vines and lush greenery, these are indeed serene and peaceful. 

Circular Arbors 

These are very pretty and wreath-like. These circular arbors are meaningful choices as they symbolize infinity and eternity. They offer a sense of unity and harmony, and they are great to have. 

DIY Arbors 

These can be created with recycled or reused materials. One can unleash their creative skills and create an arbor that is completely personalized. Themes and styles can all be experimented with and tried. 

Floating Arbors 

These are suspended above the ceremony space and give a magical and whimsical look to your wedding. These can be decorated with flowers or lighting. Can be fantastic choices indeed. 

How Much Does a Wedding Arbor Cost? 

A lot of things have to be considered together to determine the cost of a wedding arbor. The complexity of the design, the materials used, the size of the arbor, etc. all have to be taken into consideration. Also, it has to be known whether an arbor is made on one’s own (DIY) or whether it is ready-made and purchased or rented. 

Ready-made arbors can easily cost anything between $50 and $1000. Depending on the quality and materials used, the cost ranges vary. If one is thinking of renting an arbor, the rental costs will differ from place to place. It can be $100–$500 or more. 

If DIY arbors are being considered, the cost of décor, installation, and materials will depend and vary. The decorations and accessories can all be used based on one’s preference. The cost will automatically be adjusted accordingly. 

Therefore, to know the exact estimate, the other essential things have to be considered beforehand! 

Pros and Cons of Wedding Arbor 


  • A wedding arbor is a beautiful focal point of any wedding ceremony. It will be captivating and appealing. 
  • These can be easily customized and personalized based on individual preferences. The themes, styles, decorations, and designs can all be changed and adjusted. 
  • All wedding arbor ideas are very versatile and can be used in various settings and arrangements. Be it outdoor areas or indoor venues, these wedding arbor ideas are very easy and convenient to use. 
  • These wedding arbor ideas hold significance and symbolism for eternity, love, bonding, and infinite blessings. 
  • Moreover, these are pretty aesthetic and efficient sheltering spaces for both wedding couples as well as guests, especially in outdoor venues. 


  • Depending on size, design, themes, and décor, the costs can be a bit expensive, especially if you want a lavish arbor. 
  • Setting up a wedding arbor requires both time and effort. These have to be carefully installed to prevent any last-minute mishaps. 
  • Outdoor wedding arbor ideas always have weather constraints. High rains or winds can be inconvenient. 
  • Arbors made of high-quality wood, metal, bamboo, etc. have to be regularly maintained. These should be checked well beforehand for any major or minor damages. It is important to make sure that they are in good condition throughout the wedding day. 
  • Often, space can be a limitation for some lavish wedding arbors. Seating, catering, etc. all have to be adjusted accordingly in places with limited space available. 

Bottom Line 

The wedding arbor ideas are not just sophisticated and decorated additions to any wedding. They are a symbol of bonds and unification indeed. As wedding arbors hold great significance in the wedding ceremony, many wedding arbor ideas have evolved over time. 

Be it lush garden setups or simple rustic charms, all are elegant and timeless in their own way. These are not just picturesque for those captivating photo shots, but also signify love and embrace. There are myriad ways in which these can be designed. So choose one that melts your heart the most! 


How do you style a wedding arbor? 

You can style a wedding arbor in many ways. Choose a theme of your choice. It can be Bohemian, traditional, or any other. Select durable materials and suitable decoration accessories. Incorporate personal touches and favorite elements. You can also consider lighting and other smart options. 

What is the average size of a wedding arbor?

The average size of the wedding arbor ideas will depend on the space available, personal preferences, andthe number of guests invited. It can be between 6 and 8 feet . tall and 6 and 8 feet . wide. There should be enough space for everyone, especially the couple, to enjoy the wedding ceremony comfortably. 

How do I decorate an arbor?

You can decorate a wedding arbor in many ways. Choose a theme of your choice. It can be Bohemian, traditional, or any other. Add aesthetic elements that are captivating. Select durable materials and suitable decoration accessories. Incorporate personal touches and favorite elements. You can also consider lighting and other smart options. 

What is the difference between an arch and an arbor?

An arch is a curved structure that is ideally used as a decorative entrance for any ceremony. These are decorated and are attractive, picturesque spots. An arbor is a freestanding structure that can 

Be decorated in a plethora of ways. It has a more open design and is commonly used in weddings as a romantic and symbolic focal point.

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