Best Solar Sales Software: The Complete Guide [2023]

Ritik Namdev
Ritik N.
Best Solar Sales Software: The Complete Guide [2023]

Hey there, solar enthusiasts and industry professionals! If you're in the solar energy business, you know that staying organized and efficient is key to success. That's where solar sales software comes into play. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top five solar sales software options for 2023. 

Whether you're a seasoned solar expert or just starting out, you'll find valuable insights here to help you streamline your operations and boost your sales.

5 Best Solar Sales Software

When it comes to solar sales software, there are numerous options available. However, we've narrowed it down to the top five that stand out. Let's dive into each of them to see what makes them the best choices for your solar business.

ARKA 360

ARKA 360 has earned the top spot on our list due to its exceptional features, user-friendliness, and ability to cater to the unique needs of the Indian solar industry.

Advanced Solar Simulation: ARKA 360 offers highly accurate solar irradiation and shading analysis, allowing users to simulate and visualize the performance of solar installations under various conditions. This level of detail is crucial for optimizing system designs.

Local Data Integration: ARKA 360 integrates local climate and meteorological data, ensuring precise calculations and energy yield predictions tailored to specific Indian locations. This feature sets it apart from many global solar design software solutions.

Compliance with Indian Standards: ARKA 360 is designed to comply with Indian solar standards and regulations, simplifying the process of obtaining approvals and permits for solar projects in the country.

User-Friendly Interface: The software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to experienced professionals and solar industry newcomers.

Financial Analysis: ARKA 360 provides comprehensive financial analysis tools, enabling users to evaluate the economic viability of their solar projects by factoring in costs, incentives, and payback periods.

Customer Support: ARKA 360 offers excellent customer support, including training and assistance, ensuring that users can harness the software's full potential.

SolarSolutions Pro

About & Why We Picked It

SolarSolutions Pro is a game-changer in the solar industry. We chose it as our top pick because of its user-friendly interface, robust features, and stellar customer support. This software is tailored specifically for solar businesses, making it a perfect fit for your needs.


  • Intuitive dashboard for easy navigation.
  • Seamless lead management and tracking.
  • Real-time solar panel customization.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.


  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some competitors.
  • Learning curve for new users.


  • Lead generation and management tools.
  • Solar panel design and customization.
  • Proposal and contract generation.
  • Integration with CRM systems.


About & Why We Picked It

SolarEase is another excellent choice for solar sales software. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an ideal solution for small and large solar businesses. We selected it for its affordability and ease of use.


  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Built-in project management tools.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Fewer advanced features compared to competitors.


  • Lead and contact management.
  • Project tracking and scheduling.
  • Proposal and quote generation.
  • Document storage and sharing.

SunPower SalesHub

About & Why We Picked It

SunPower SalesHub is a standout choice for solar sales software due to its industry reputation and comprehensive feature set. As a product from the renowned solar panel manufacturer SunPower, it offers a unique advantage for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes.


  • Integration with SunPower's solar panel solutions.
  • Advanced lead scoring and segmentation.
  • Built-in proposal builder with 3D solar designs.
  • Real-time energy savings calculations.


  • Premium pricing compared to some competitors.
  • May be more suitable for larger solar businesses.


  • Lead tracking and scoring.
  • Dynamic proposal generation.
  • CRM integration.
  • Solar panel compatibility assessment.

SolarSales Pro

About & Why We Picked It

SolarSales Pro is an all-in-one solar sales software that caters to businesses of all sizes. Its comprehensive suite of features, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing make it a top choice for solar professionals.


  • Affordable pricing with a free trial option.
  • Detailed solar panel customization.
  • Automated document management.
  • Integration with popular CRM platforms.


  • Limited project management capabilities.
  • Smaller user community compared to larger competitors.


  • Lead and contact management.
  • Solar panel configuration and optimization.
  • Document storage and sharing.
  • Proposal and contract generation.

SolarSales Connect

About & Why We Picked It

SolarSales Connect is a cloud-based solar sales software solution known for its flexibility and scalability. It's an excellent choice for businesses looking for customizable tools to meet their unique sales requirements.


  • Highly customizable interface.
  • Lead scoring and automation.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics.
  • Multi-user collaboration features.


  • May require some technical expertise for advanced customization.
  • Pricing plans vary based on features.


  • Customizable lead and sales pipelines.
  • Quote and proposal generation.
  • Integration with accounting software.
  • Inventory and project management tools.

What Is Solar Sales Software?

Solar sales software is a specialized tool designed to streamline and optimize the sales processes in the solar energy industry. It helps solar businesses manage leads, design solar panels, generate proposals, and track projects efficiently.

How Do Solar Sales Software Work?

Solar sales software simplifies the complex process of selling solar energy solutions. It operates by centralizing and automating various aspects of the sales cycle.

Lead Management: Solar sales software helps capture and organize leads, allowing sales teams to track potential customers effectively. This includes storing contact information, lead source data, and communication history.

Solar Panel Design: These tools often have features for designing solar panel systems. Users can input specifics about a location, energy needs, and budget to generate customized solar solutions.

Proposal Generation: Solar sales software streamlines the creation of proposals and quotes. It combines information about solar panel configurations and pricing to generate professional proposals quickly.

Project Tracking: Users can monitor the progress of solar installation projects within the software. This includes scheduling, task assignment, and tracking milestones.

Analytics and Reporting: Solar sales software provides valuable insights through analytics, helping businesses optimize their sales strategies.

Different Types of Solar Sales Software

Solar sales software comes in various types, each catering to different aspects of the solar sales process. Here are some of the key types:

Lead Generation Software: This software specializes in acquiring and managing leads. It includes features like lead capture forms, lead scoring, and automated follow-up to help businesses identify potential customers efficiently.

Solar Panel Design Software: Solar design software focuses on creating accurate and customized solar panel system designs. It considers roof layout, shading, and energy needs to generate optimal solar configurations.

Proposal and Quoting Software: Proposal and quoting software simplifies generating customer proposals and quotes. It often integrates with solar panel design tools to provide accurate pricing and system details.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software: CRM software helps solar companies manage customer relationships. It tracks customer interactions, manages communication, and stores customer data, making it easier to nurture leads and provide excellent service.

Project Management Software: Project management tools are essential for overseeing the installation process. They allow businesses to schedule tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor project progress, ensuring timely and efficient installations.

Analytics and Reporting Software: Analytics software provides valuable insights into sales performance, lead conversion rates, and other key metrics. It helps businesses make data-driven decisions to improve their sales strategies.

Inventory and Procurement Software: This type of software assists in managing solar panel inventory and procurement processes. It helps maintain optimal stock levels and ensures timely procurement of materials.

Mobile Apps: Many solar sales software solutions offer mobile apps, allowing sales teams to access essential features while on the go, facilitating fieldwork and client meetings.

Bottom Line:

Investing in solar sales software can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity in the solar industry. By choosing the right software solution that aligns with your business needs, you'll be better equipped to manage leads, design solar systems, and close more deals. Take the time to explore the options we've discussed in this guide and find the one that suits your solar business best.


FAQ - 1: Is solar sales software suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! Many solar sales software options are scalable and can be tailored to the needs of small businesses. Look for software that offers affordable pricing plans and essential features.

FAQ - 2: Can I use solar sales software on mobile devices?

Yes, many solar sales software solutions offer mobile apps or web-based platforms accessible on smartphones and tablets. This allows you to manage your sales processes while meeting with clients or inspecting solar project sites while on the go.

FAQ - 3: Can solar sales software integrate with our existing CRM system?

Many solar sales software solutions offer integration capabilities with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. This integration streamlines your sales processes by syncing customer data, leads, and communication history between the platforms. Before choosing solar sales software, check whether it can seamlessly integrate with your current CRM system. This integration ensures that your sales and customer management efforts remain cohesive and efficient.

FAQ - 4: Is solar sales software suitable for residential and commercial solar businesses?

Yes, most solar sales software solutions are versatile and cater to both residential and commercial solar businesses. They typically offer features that can be tailored to the specific needs of each sector. Residential-focused features may include simplified design tools for single-family homes, while commercial-focused features often provide scalability for larger installations and more complex project management capabilities. When selecting solar sales software, consider the scalability and customization options to ensure it aligns with your business, whether you primarily serve residential or commercial clients.

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