Metal Roofing Colors: Everything You Need To Know

Metal Roofing Colors: Everything You Need To Know

A great approach to shield your house from the weather and improve curb appeal is with metal roofing.

Additionally, it lessens noise and water infiltration. As a result, metal roofing is becoming the material of choice for roofs. But for many homeowners, picking the perfect metal roofing color is still challenging.

We can help if you want to cover your roof with metal but are still determining the appropriate color choices. We'll cover all you need to know about metal roofing colors in this blog, including how to choose the right hue for your home.

So let's start now without further ado!

Types of Metal Roofing Colors

Numerous color options for metal roofing accommodate various aesthetic tastes and architectural designs. In addition, many colors may be available depending on the brand and type of metal roofing chosen. Below, we've listed a few frequently used metal roofing colors.

Standard Colors

metal roofing colors

Standard colors for metal roofing relate to frequently used and easily accessible hues. Due to their widespread use, adaptability, and compatibility with a wide range of architectural styles, these colors are frequently chosen. The standard colors may change depending on the manufacturer and the kind of metal roofing material. 

Premium Colors

When discussing metal roofing, "premium colors" refers to various hues regarded as luxurious or advanced choices. These hues are frequently used to make metal roofs distinctive and opulent. Carefully selected premium colors provide better aesthetics and visual appeal for your metal roof panels.

In addition, they frequently mimic the appearance of organic materials like wood, slate, or ceramic tiles and offer the illusion of a high-end roofing material at a much lower price.

Custom Colors

red metal roofing

In the context of metal roofing, "custom colors" refers to selecting a color that is not among the normal color choices made available by the manufacturer. This allows homeowners, architects, or designers to produce a unique style that meets their design needs or aesthetic preferences.

Custom color coating or color matching is the typical method to create custom colors. The producer collaborates with the customer to match the requested color as precisely as possible. This includes reviewing paint samples, color visualizers, or other customer-provided reference materials.

How much does it cost to paint Metal Roofing?

The price of painting a metal roof can vary based on several elements, such as the roof's size, the current roof's state, the kind of paint used, and the cost of labor in your region.

To give you a broad estimate, the price to paint a metal roof can be anything from $1.50 and $4.00 per square foot. It would help if you spoke with experienced painters or contractors specializing in metal roofing to receive a precise quotation for your project.

They can evaluate your roof, offer a thorough quote, and consider all the relevant factors to calculate the price of painting your metal roof.

Factors to consider when choosing Metal Roofing Colors

There are several things to consider when choosing metal roofing colors, including your home's design, the roofing system's function, and the climate and area where it will be put.

Building architecture and style

Think about your home's design and the structure's architecture when selecting a metal roofing color. Many colors are available for metal roofing panels, from muted tones to vivid shades. Checking availability for your project is crucial.

Consider the strong and dramatic color red as an example of a metal roof color option that can make a house stand out in the neighborhood.

The architectural style of your home may clash if you choose a color that is too bright or outlandish, so take care. Instead, choose organic hues that go well with the surroundings and popular architectural materials like slate or wood, such as rustic or dazzling red.

Climate and environment

Consider your environment and climate when selecting the color charts for your metal roofing. Some choices will meet your needs whether you live in a warm or cold area.

For instance, if you live in a chilly climate, choose a color that would keep your house cooler in the summer. If you live in a warm climate, you should pick a color to keep your house warmer in the winter.

Additionally, metal roofing colors range from muted tones to vivid shades depending on the product and region. Finding one that complements your home and personality is so essential. 

Homeowners association guidelines

Understanding the requirements and expectations of the association is crucial when making the right color selections. For example, some homeowner communities could mandate a particular color for all roofing, while others permit more creative options.

In any scenario, it's crucial to ensure you abide by the homeowner association's rules and regulations to prevent potential problems with dues or fines. Copper, silver, grey, or white are a few examples of typical color specifications. Various neighborhoods could prefer various colors.

Personal preference

Personal choice is a crucial consideration when selecting the color of a metal roof. Although there are numerous choices, ultimately, you must decide which one you like most.

Additionally, remember that different metals have a variety of colors; therefore, before settling on a certain option, use your color visualizer to test out colors and look online for ideas.


The color's price, longevity, and energy efficiency should all be considered when selecting a metal roofing color. White, pale bronze, beige, and peach are light-colored metals that reflect the sun's heat and reduce energy expenditures.

In addition, with a 40-year paint warranty and a 30-year fade/chalk warranty, painted metal roofing gives a robust finish. 

Popular Metal Roofing Colors

There are many alternatives to choose from when it comes to metal roofing. In addition, there is a metal roof color to fit everyone's taste and choice, ranging from soft greys and browns to brilliant blues and greens.

Neutral colors (black, gray, white)

Neutral colors like black, grey, and white are among the many shades of color available for metal roofing. Generally, neutral hues are the most popular option for metal roofs because they complement modern and traditional home designs.

These hues, frequently in medium tones, provide a roof with an attractive yet subtle appearance. Standing-seam metal roofs are typically best suited for neutral-colored roofs such as charcoal l black since they enhance a home's façade without overpowering it. 

Earth tones (brown, green, blue)

blue metal roofing

Earth tones like brown, green, and blue are popular color options for metal roofing. These colors can blend harmonically with the surroundings because natural components influence them.

Warmth, stability, and a sensation of being close to nature can all be conjured up by brown metal roofing. It can go well with many different architectural designs, especially ones with rustic, traditional, or natural appeal.

Evergreen Green roofs may smoothly blend in with the landscape, especially in locations with many florae. Forest green roofs can imply harmony, development, and environmental friendliness. A quiet and calming effect is provided by blue metal roofing.

Blue roofs can provide a stunning contrast when compared to other building materials and the sky. Colors like gallery blue can instill serenity, openness, and stability. 

Bold colors (red, copper, yellow)

red metal roofing

Many different color schemes are available for metal roofing, from muted tones to vivid tones. Red is a strong, recognizable color that is becoming increasingly common for metal roofs.

Popular hues of red include dazzling and rustic red. To give your property a distinctive appearance, many roofing firms offer the option of custom painting metal roofing. Choosing a vivid color for visibility, such as blue or purple, is common.

If preferred, there are also lighter or darker shades alternatives like grey or silver. Using a contrasting color in the roofing scheme is a different choice, like light, dark, or blue. Bright hues like colonial red, orange, and yellow can give a home's exterior stunning accessories.

Tips for maintaining metal roofing colors

Following the right maintenance procedures is crucial to guarantee that your metal roofing keeps its brilliant appeal over time. We'll provide some insightful advice in this blog post to assist you in preserving the color of your metal roofing for many years to come.

Regular cleaning and inspection

Regular cleaning is necessary to stop dirt, debris, and organic matter from building up on the surface of your metal roof. Use a soft-bristle brush or a power washer with low pressure to remove any loose dirt and debris.

Avoid using cleaning products with abrasives that could scratch or harm the paint's surface. At least twice a year, or as needed, clean the area, paying special attention to places prone to moss, corrosion, algae, or tree sap.

Avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive materials

When washing it, it's important to avoid aggressive cleaning agents that could damage the paint or discolor your metal roof. Instead, use only gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products designed especially for metal roofing.

Avoid using ammonia-based cleansers, Kynar, or bleach since they might cause the paint finish to corrode or fade.

Bottom Line

There are numerous options available when selecting the best metal roofing panels. The prevailing architectural style and surroundings can be considered when choosing the color of the metal roofing panels.

Bright colors and patterns may provide a pop of color to any roofing job, while baked-on finishes provide a more durable option. Carefully consider the color of your metal roof about your home's surroundings, especially in terms of longevity and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Metal Roofing Colors fade over time?

Although there is typically a 30-year warranty, the colors of metal roofing might deteriorate with time. Therefore, you may always contact the business and ask them to replace the panels if the color starts to fade.

In addition, several metal roofing providers have a chalk warranty, which states that they will come to your home and paint the roof at no charge if the color begins to fade noticeably.

What is the most popular metal roof color?

Since metal roofs come in various colors, including neutrals, traditional hues, and colorful tones unique to the region, product, and gauge, it is challenging to identify the answer to this issue.

However, metallic copper, anodized bronze, and zinc are some of the more well-liked colors for metal roofs. Anodized bronze is deeply ruddy, while metallic copper has a light golden tint.

In addition, warm and cool colors like tan, rust, olive, and terra cotta are among the warm and cool shades of zinc alloy roofs.

What color Metal Roof is best for resale?

Remember that color preferences can change depending on regional trends, architectural styles, and specific buyer preferences when deciding on the perfect color for a metal roof regarding resale value.

Generally, safe alternatives that appeal to a wide spectrum of purchasers are neutral hues like black, grey, or various tones of brown. In addition, earth tones like tan, beige, soft greens, and metallic colors might also be excellent options.

What is the best color for a Metal Roof in a hot climate?

You have a few alternatives when deciding the ideal color for a metal roof in a hot region. The most preferred options are cool roofs or metal roofs in light colors. Due to their capacity to reflect sunlight, these roofs can save up on your energy bill by up to 40%.

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