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One-stop solar software & services platform for solar installers to create PV & battery design and sales proposals, manage leads, and order permit packages with PE stamps.
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ARKA 360

Digital Transformation Lead-to-Life Platform

Our mission is to be a purpose-driven global market leader, delivering the best sustainable smart roofs to millions of homes globally and delighting customers through transformational experiences.
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Enterprise Ready

Operating System For Solar.

Get started today with a state-of-art lead-to-life platform.
Lead Capture

Advanced Design Studio

Elevate solar designs with our cutting-edge Solar Design Software, enhancing precision and efficiency. Achieve remarkable projects that set new standards for excellence in solar design.

Lead Management

Efficiently manage leads with our specially designed Solar CRM, seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge design software, paving the way for streamlined operations and business success.

Sales Mode

Specially designed for solar sales professionals, sales mode empowers you to embrace rapid, precise solar design – in just 5 minutes. Seamlessly translate visions into impactful and seamless pitches.

Financial Analysis

Maximize ROI with in-depth financial insights. Ensure the sustainability and profitability of solar projects with our financial analysis tools. Navigate the financial landscape with confidence.
Load Profiling
PV Design

Generation & Shade Reports

Get monthly, yearly, or hourly generation reports to access vital insights into energy generation and shading impacts through comprehensive reports. Make well-informed solar decisions for project excellence.

Permit Packages & PE Stamps

Streamline permits and compliance with ready-made packages and professional engineer stamps. Simplify project management and ensure regulatory compliance. Get your projects greenlit effortlessly.
PE Stamping
Solar Financing

NEM 3.0 Storage

Stay ahead with NEM 3.0 support and integrated storage solutions. Future-proof your solar investments and optimize energy utilization in the evolving renewable energy landscape. Embrace the future of energy storage.
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Our happy customers say about us

five golden stars
ARKA 360's CRM has been a game-changer for our solar company. Its ease of use and practicality make it a standout choice. We're particularly impressed by the level of detail it allows us to delve into when designing and customizing energy storage systems. ARKA 360 has truly empowered our team.
Devon Lane Headshot
Jim Wilber
Co-Owner at Green Muscle Solar
five golden stars
"As an engineer, I appreciate the precision and detail provided by the software. Its 3D modeling and shading analysis tools optimize designs and increase efficiency."
Marvin McKinney Headshot
Marvin McKinney
five golden stars
"This software has a simple, user-friendly interface, making it accessible to all team members. Real-time collaboration has improved workflow."
Jim Smith Headshot
Jim Smith
Project Manager

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