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Our Mission

Accelerating Adoption Of Solar

Arka Energy, a Silicon Valley-based startup designs, builds & launches the world’s most innovative clean energy solutions for a sustainable future. The state-of-the-art Arka Collection of products, developed by Arka Energy, consists of the 'PowerRoof' and the 'PowerGazebo' designed to turn roof and open spaces in homes into an energy-generating asset without compromising aesthetics, performance and durability.

Globally, our platform has facilitated assessing over 1200 MW of solar capacity. It is utilized by numerous powerhouses, such as Tata Power, Unirac, and Renew Power, as well as many small to medium-sized solar companies in over 50 nations.

When we succeed, the solar industry wins, and the world wins.

Purpose Statement

Arka designs, build & launch the world’s most innovative clean energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Strategy Statement

Be a purpose-driven global market leader, delivering the best sustainable smart roofs to 500,000 homes by 2026. Faster on the innovation-driven ecosystem that enables top talent to flourish and delight customers through transformational digital Experiences.


Core Values

Our cultural values act as a guiding principle about how we operate, make decisions, serve our customers and grow together as a team of professionals.
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Customer Delight

We are passionate about our customers and devoted to their success. We know that customer trust and confidence is earned, not given, with every interaction, every delivery, and every time we solve a customer problem.
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Quality First

We think in clear verifiable hypotheses and continuously obtain data that validates or refutes them. We ask questions and challenge assumptions to get consistently to the truth.
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Curiosity and Learning

We are extremely ambitious in what we can accomplish. We set high standards, expecting to fail in the short-term but knowing that failure guides us to learn and ultimately succeed.
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Commitment and Respect

We are energized by each other’s success and actively invest in others with care, candor, and focus. Ideas flow openly between us because we treat each other with trust and respect.
Diversity and Inclusiveness

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We think like owners. We embody expansive ownership and are big believers in our ability to drive outcomes and enact change.
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Individual and Team Excellence

We are undaunted by barriers and race towards overcoming them. We step outside of our comfort zone, test our ideas, and do the hard work to get to the right solution to a hard problem.
Our Benefits

Supporting you to do your best work

At Arka, we believe your talent and achievements deserve to be met with a supportive community and flexible environment.
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Vacation Policy

At our company, we believe in the importance of work-life balance. Our generous vacation policy provides ample paid time off each year to allow individuals to recharge and refresh. By supporting their well-being, we are committed to a healthy work-life balance.
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Health Benefits

We offer a comprehensive health support program to ensure that our team members have access to the resources and support they need to maintain good health and manage any health-related challenges they may face. Our program includes a range of benefits such as health insurance, wellness activities, and health resources and support services.
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R&D Incentive

Our R&D Incentive program is designed to encourage individuals to bring new ideas to the table, think outside the box, and drive progress in their respective fields. With this program, we provide resources, recognition, and financial incentives to individuals who develop and implement innovative solutions.

Going Beyond

Our "Going Beyond" program, recognizes and rewards individuals who consistently go above and beyond their expected responsibilities. Whether it's taking on additional projects, going the extra mile for customers, or finding new and innovative ways to improve processes, this program celebrates the individuals who embody our values of commitment, quality, and customer delight.

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