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No more waiting around for permit approvals - order designs that have a 99.9% acceptance rate and are processed in a snap.
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For Lower Soft Costs

Simplified Permit Ordering

Smooth Operation.

Experts ensure a smooth and efficient permitting process.
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Boost business efficiency with streamlined ordering processes, premium support and on-demand expert access.

Increased Profitability.

Lower design costs and boost profit margins by up to 40%.
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Streamline operations by eliminating the need for site inspections, manual processes, and expensive retainers.

Improved CX Experience.

Delight customers with timely project delivery.
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Utilizing computer vision to create highly accurate terrain maps leading to more precise shade mapping & overall customer satisfaction.

Financing Solution For Your Business.

Customized financing solutions for retailers, distributors, and other solar industry professionals.
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Our financing solution allows retailers and distributors in the solar industry to provide their customers with financing options that are tailored to their needs.

Predictive Analytics.

Predictive analysis helps us offer customized financing options for your business.
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Predictive analytics allows for customized financing options that increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Reporting & Compliance.

Use our AI platform for best-in-class reporting & compliance in your financing.
Improved CX Experience
AI-powered platform offers advanced reporting and compliance tools for business benefits.
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Enterprise Grade Engineering

Oder permit packages that are comprehensive and include all necessary information, diagrams, and documents for local authority approval.

Accurate & Reliable Permits

Expertly designed permits that are highly accurate and reliable. Quick turnaround time with delivery in 48 hours or expedited delivery in under 8 hours.
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Lead-to-Life Platform with Expert Design Services.

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Unlimited PV Proposals

Submit and queue up as many PV proposals as you want on our platform subject to fair usage policy.

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Unlimited PV Designs

Streamline your workflow by submitting and queueing unlimited PV designs on our platform.

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Unlimited Revisions

All requests come with unlimited revision guarantee subject to fair usage policy.

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Unlimited Members

Invite team to work with our experts on client projects or proposal designs.

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Unlimited Storage

Organize and manage your clients better with folders and unlimited storage.

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Unlimited Design Consultation

Jump on a call with our experts to help make informed decisions about client projects subject to fair usage policy.

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five golden stars
ARKA 360's CRM has been a game-changer for our solar company. Its ease of use and practicality make it a standout choice. We're particularly impressed by the level of detail it allows us to delve into when designing and customizing energy storage systems. ARKA 360 has truly empowered our team.
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Jim Wilber
Co-Owner at Green Muscle Solar
five golden stars
"As an engineer, I appreciate the precision and detail provided by the software. Its 3D modeling and shading analysis tools optimize designs and increase efficiency."
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Marvin McKinney
five golden stars
"This software has a simple, user-friendly interface, making it accessible to all team members. Real-time collaboration has improved workflow."
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Jim Smith
Project Manager